Road Accidents (Consultas e relatórios - acidente de viação)

Road Accidents (Consultas e relatórios - acidente de viação)

Vídeo youtube em português. Peritagem médica e avaliação do dano corporal nos acidentes de viação.



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In accordance with current legislation, there is a new National Table for Civil Law applicable mainly to road accidents. This instrument is intended exclusively for use by specialist doctors possessing the necessary skills with regard to medical expert reports and assessment of bodily injury, i.e. experts familiar with the principles of medical/legal assessment in the setting of Civil Law.

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Our methodology consists in preparing reports or expert opinions on accident victims, structured in such a way as to ensure full reparation of the damages suffered.

Given that reparation for bodily injury generally takes the form of compensation (as a result of the physical impossibility of restoring victims to their previous state), technically irreproachable expert opinions are the only way to guarantee fair restitution to victims of road accidents.

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We promote expert medical defence for the purpose of committees, hearings and other procedures necessary to the pursuit of compensation for material and immaterial damage assessed in our reports.